Snippet is designed to facilitate the repeated input of some words.

Snippet Management

You could manage snippets via the Tools dock widget.

In this panel, we could:

  1. Create a snippet;
  2. Open snippet folder;VNote uses a folder in the configuration folder to store all the snippets and use configuration file snippet.json for management. Each snippet corresponds to one file.
  3. View and edit the information about a snippet;
  4. Sort and delete snippets;
  5. Apply (insert) a snippet into the editor;

Define A Snippet

A snippet contains:

  • Snippet Name
    • Identifies a snippet. It is also the name of the corresponding file in the snippet folder.
  • Snippet Type
    • Plain text or HTML. Currently only plain text is supported.
  • Shortcut
    • You could designate one of the 26 characters (a to z) to insert snippet quickly.
  • Cursor Mark
    • VNote uses Cursor Mark to mark the position of the cursor after applying a snippet. Should appears only once in the Content.
  • Selection Mark
    • VNote uses Selection Mark to mark the position to insert the selected text before applying a snippet. Selection mark could appear multiple times in the Content. After applying a snippet, all the selection marks will be replaced with the selected text.
  • Content
    • The content of the snippet which will be inserted at the position of current cursor while applying a snippet.

Apply A Snippet

Snippet Panel

Place the cursor at the proper position and double click a snippet in the snippet panel to apply a snippet.


You could use Captain Mode to apply a snippet quickly. In edit mode, press Ctrl+E S to activate snippet selection dialog, which shows all the snippets with shortcut defined. Press the corresponding shortcut key to apply a snippet.


Insert Code Block with CPP


Comment Out Selected Text

<!-- $$@@ -->

Tag for Color

<font color=red>$$@@</font>