Notes Management

VNote adopts notebooks-folders-notes hierarchy for notes management. A notebook corresponds to a directory in the file system, which is called Notebook Root Folder. Folders of a notebook correspond to directories within the Notebook Root Folder. Notes inside a folder corresponds to files within that directory.


Notebook is an independent, self-explanatory container in VNote. A notebook is a Notebook Root Folder in the file system. The root folder contains all the notes and configuration files of that notebook.

Create A Notebook

You could create a new notebook by specifying following fields:

  • Notebook Name
    • Name of your notebook in VNote. It is only used to identify your notebook in VNote. It will not be written into the configuration of the notebook.
  • Notebook Root Folder
    • Choose an EMPTY directory in your system to hold all the contents of this notebook. This choosen directory is assumed to be in the control of VNote.
  • Image Folder
    • This is the name of the folder used to store local images of notes. VNote uses a given folder which has the same parent folder of the notes to store images of those notes.
  • Attachment Folder
    • This is the name of the folder used to store attachment files of notes.

Migrate and Import A Notebook

A notebook is an independent directory in the file system, so you could just copy or synchronize the Notebook Root Folder to migrate a notebook.

You could import an existing notebook into VNote by selecting its Notebook Root Folder when creating a notebook. VNote will try to read the configuration files to restore the notebook.

Combining these, you could create your notebooks in a directory which is synchronized via third-party service, such as Dropbox and OneDrive, and then in another computer, you could import that directory into VNote as a notebook. With this, you could use VNote to edit and manage your notes, which will be synchronized by other trusted services, both at home and at work.


The hierarchy of folders within a notebook is the same as that of the directories within the Notebook Root Folder. You could create as many as possible levels of folders theoritically.


You could import external files into VNote as notes by the New Notes From Files action in File menu. VNote will copy selected files into current folder as notes.

In theory, a note in VNote could use any suffix. Notes with suffix .md will be treated as Markdown files.