Magic Word

Magic Words are some characters that have special meanings. They will be evaluated to some pre-defined characters. For one simple example, date could be evaluated to the date of today.

VNote support snippets in most of the input widgets. For example, you could use snippet for the note name when creating a note.

%da% work will be evaluated as 20180128 work since %da% is a magic word which is defined as the date of today in the form YYYYMMDD.

In the editor, you could type %da%, and then press shortcut Ctrl+E M, which will evaluate the word under cursor as magic word.

For example, type following words:

Today is %da%

Then press Ctrl+E M, it will be changed to:

Today is 20180128

Built-In Magic Words

VNote has defined lots of magic words. In the input dialog, type %help% to show a list of defined magic words.

Custom Magic Words

Edit the vnote.ini file in configuration folder like this:

1\definition="vnote is a great tool! -- Written %datetime%"
2\definition="hello world!"

Now we got two magic words vnote (based on another magic word datetime) and hw.

Magic Word In Snippet

Snippet also supports magic word. Now we could define a snippet to insert current date like this:

Now in edit mode, we could hit Ctrl+E S D to insert current date.